Always pay attention to who you let into your circle and life .

Negative people will always find a way to complain, bad things always happen to them, and they are always jealous of other people.

If you want wealth and success, you can’t be afraid of cutting people out of your life. You need to be around smarter, more successful, and like minded people. This is more important than you think. The people that you spend the most time with affect your mood, goals, vision for the future, and if you aren’t careful, they can diminish your success and forward progress.

You need to start cutting people out. Lots of people may be offended by this, but this is a game changer for your success. If all your friends want to do is smoke weed, party, and play video games…. and you want to build an empire and make $10 million, these probably aren’t the people you should be surrounding yourself with.

Surround yourself with people who are winning, working at their goals, who have a huge vision for their future. It will change your life.

Once I took control of my friends, my success and finances went through the roof.

You need to be more picky…….

Enzo Fiore