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When I first moved to Los Angeles, I can’t tell you how many times I heard people say “I know Justin Bieber’s sisters friend” or “I know Brad Pitt”, or something similar to this. 

I would always think to myself, yes these people “know” all of these celebrities, but do these celebrities know them?

The answer is 99% NO. 

Chances are, you’ve heard the quote “It’s all about who you know.” This quote sounds nice, but what if these people that you know don’t know you. They are not such a useful network anymore. 

Instead of who you know, you need to focus on WHO KNOWS YOU! 

When you start to make this your mission, you can start upping your goals. Once you get 10k people to know you through social media, you move it up to 100. 

Here are 2 key focuses for your social media, and ways you can get you or your company in front of the world.

  1. GET DISCOVERED: If you don’t have every social media network branded with your business, this is a must. Keep it consistent throughout every profile. If you post once or twice a day, you are thinking WAY too small. If you think one or two posts are going to get you noticed, you have underestimated the size of the internet and the amount of profiles and people out there. Your biggest problem is obscurity—other people aren’t thinking about you. POST 10X MORE.

  2. BREAK THROUGH THE NUMBERS: You have to get creative to break through all of the noise that is social media. There are 7+ billion people in the world, and most of them are on social media. Don’t be careful with posts, and don’t be afraid to be offensive or afraid to make a mistake. The biggest mistake you will make is not getting known by the world. It will cost you MILLIONS, if not BILLIONS of dollars.