What I Learned From Grant Cardone....


This week, I sat down with Grant and Elena Cardone, the two biggest mentors in my life. Really, they are killing it. This was my biggest takeaway from meeting and talking with them again...

Most people go through life fearing rejection, disappointment, hard work, and the fear of not achieving their goals.

What if I told you to flip what you fear.

That's right, you can throw the unrealistic thought of no fear, which is impossible, out the window.

All you have to do is adjust what you fear.

Start fearing the outcome.

The outcome if you don't face rejection, the outcome if you don't chase your goals.

Fear what will happen if you tread water.

If you want to be great, decide to be great.

It's all you.

Be great.

Be committed.

Be Successful.

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