5 Things You NEED To Do Everyday To Reach More Targets


If you ask any successful person, they will tell you that they achieved their wealth by committing, staying consistent, and working smart. Today I want to share my top 5 ways to start committing more to your goals and working smarter. These five ideas will get you more sales, and you will hit more targets, faster. Once you understand that successful people think differently then the average worker, you will catapult to wealth in every area.

  1. Multiply your goals by 10. I adopted this goal setting method from Real Estate and Sales Mogul Grant Cardone. The idea behind 10xing your goals, is that when you set a higher target, you will be required to be more committed, take more action, and be more driven everyday. Most of what you dream about and hope for takes a massive amount of action, connection, and work. Start being obsessed with your goals. Multiplying them by 10 will make you obsessed.

  2. Let go of fear. F.E.A.R.- False Events Appearing Real. Fear is the #1 killer of all dreams. If you are in a fearful state, you will not be able to fully commit to a target. Once you realize that fear is created within the mind, and that you need to use it to take action, your life will reap the benefits. Every time you encounter a feeling of fear…. fear to call a client, fear to knock door to door, use this feeling as a trigger to take action. Whenever I feel fear to take action, I make sure to execute RIGHT THAT SECOND.

  3. Pack Your Schedule. You are NOT going to get more clients, sales, or money if you are sitting at your desk on your lunch break. More sales or more money is not going to just come to you. You need to go out and get it. You need to have a higher stake problem. Instead of having a problem because you have no meetings set up, you need to get a better problem. You need to have too many appointments. That’s right. I want you to level up your problems. That is when you start gaining leverage, and your numbers will go way up.

  4. Stop making excuses. Do you want to be a boss or leader? I’m going to give you a challenge. For the next 24 hours, try not to make any excuses. I guarantee you that 90% of people who try this will not make it 2 hours. It’s difficult, and we are so used to not taking responsibility, because it is easier to make excuses. Start taking responsibility and you will notice that you are in control, no one else can decide your fate, and you are the driving force behind everything that has shown up in your life at this very moment.

  5. Get your head right. People have a tendency to take every piece of advice that is handed to them. If your goal is to have $10 million in the bank, why are you taking advice from your teacher who makes $25,000 a year? This is probably going to be hard for most people to hear. Only take advice from people that have what you want. This means that, if your target is $10 million, take advice from someone who has that. They know what it takes, and a person making $25,000 a year doesn’t.

Start following these five things, and you will notice that more opportunities will come your way, you will have more cash flow, and you will improve exponentially.

Enzo Fiore

Founder of Commit or Die Academy